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Covid 20You are all aware of the rapidly-developing problems caused by the COVID-19 virus.

For this reason, following advice received from Suffolk Association of Local Councils and the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), all public meetings of the council for the time being have been suspended to protect all residents, councillors and the Clerk.

NALC strongly encourages councillors and staff to follow government guidance on social distancing and self-isolation. This is particularly important if anyone is in an at-risk group as identified by the guidance. The health and safety of councillors, staff and the public is the primary concern of the Parish Council. We have been advised that if local councils do follow government guidance on social distancing and social isolation and so they do not hold scheduled meetings, including annual council meetings, NALC’s opinion is that the likelihood of a successful legal challenge is low.

Government guidance on holding meetings remotely has now been issued and for the time being all meetings of the parish council will take place via a virtual platfrom. The Parish Council has chosen the Zoom Videoconferencing Platform for its virtual meetings.

The council’s work is of course continuing as in the main the Clerk works from home. The Parish Council has already fulfilled its statutory obligations for meetings to the end of the council year (May). However, we are hoping to restart our public meetings as soon as it is possible and it is safe to do so.

To ensure that questions from the public are answered during this period, all inquiries should be made by email: lindseypc@outlook.com or phone: 07976 702246. 


MeetingAs soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so, the Council will meet every two months in the Village Hall, Church Road, Lindsey with additional meetings being held following notification.

Each meeting commences promptly at 7.30pm in the Village Hall unless otherwise informed.

Minutes and appendices from previous meetings can be found within the folder entitled Past Minutes,

Schedule of Meetings for full Parish Council for 2020:

Wednesday 20 May 2020 - Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting - in accordance with legislation both of these meetings have been cancelled for the year 2020. Instead they will take place in May 2021.
Wednesday 21 May 2020 -  Parish Council  - via Zoom Videoconferencing Platform
Wednesday 8 July 2020 - Parish Council - via Zoom Videoconferencing Platform
Wednesday 9 September 2020
Wednesday 11 November 2020

Members of the public are invited to attend each meeting and time is set aside for a public forum during which issues relating to the village can be brought to the Parish Council's attention.

Notice of all meetings and agendas are, due to COVID-19, only being uploaded to this website.

Members of the public wishing to attend and speak at the virtual meetings should contact the Clerk.

All should be reminded that any Parish Council meeting or committee meeting may be filmed. A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting as it takes place if he/she is present at the meeting of a Parish Council or its committees but otherwise may:

 a) film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting;

 b) use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later;

 c) report or comment on the proceedings in writing during or after a meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.

District Councillor Leigh Jamieson and Suffolk County Councillor James Finch attend meetings regularly keeping the Parish Councillors informed at both District and County level.