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Parish Council

Parish Councils are the smallest unit of local government and the closest to their electors. Councillors are elected and work to support and improve the area they represent. Lindsey Parish Council has 7 councillors. Councillors are elected for a period of four years and the next election will take place in 2023. The last election took place on 2 May 2019 and returned 5 Councillors. The vacancies have since been filled by co-option.

Who are my Parish Councillors?

The current Councillors are:

Chairman Clive Arthey

Councillor Rhett Corcoran

Councillor Mark Hainsworth

Councillor Ben Howe

Councillor Ruth Howe

Councillor James Moore

Councillor Andrew Sturgeon

What does the Parish Council actually do?

The Parish Council is responsible for setting the precept. This is money that the Council receives to cover the cost of the services it provides and any staff costs. The precept is one element of the Council Tax householders pay. The Council employs a clerk to oversee its day to day affairs.

The Council is consulted on planning applications within the village.

The Council is responsible for some property in the village including the village sign, grit heaps and the footpath maps

It is also the responsibility of the Council to make sure that the three part paved triangle areas are maintained.

The Council acts as a link with other local government organisations like Babergh Distirct Council and Suffolk County Council. Any problems in the village such as blocked drains, potholes, issues over footpaths and highways are reported by the clerk.

The Council has its own website to provide information about the Council, its meetings and useful contacts.