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Lindsey's Role in Planning

planningLindsey Parish Council and its role in the planning function

Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Schedule 1, paragraph 8, the Parish Council has the power to be notified of planning applications affecting the council's area and to comment upon each application that affects its administrative area.

Dependent upon the date on which an application is received, each planning application will be considered by the Parish Council at its normal bi-monthly meetings and a recommendation / comment made upon that particular application. Please view the Meetings page to see details of such agendas.

Occasionally the Parish Council will need to call an additional meeting to discuss an application that fall in between its bi-monthly meetings. For details of such meetings please view the folder below.

Details of all application to be discussed by the Parish Council will be provided on this website and on the Parish Noticeboard situation outside of the Village Hall on Church Road.

For a summary of the applications discussed by the Parish Council along with its recommendations - please view the registers in the folder below. For details of the Council's recommendations please view the applicable minutes for that meeting under the page entitled Parish Council - Minutes or click here to be redirected.